Summoners War Hack v1.1


In the screenshot above you can see my record after i connected the Summoners War Hack. It took just a couple of seconds to get this Glory Points, Crystals and Mana Stones. On the off chance that you choose to utilize our hack, then it could be your record with significantly more assets! I know its tricky to accept that you truly discovered working Summoners War Sky Arena Hack yet now is the ideal time to acknowledge the way that its actual! Sadly we can’t promise that this site and thusly our hack will be accessible always and that is the reason we educate everybody further bolstering take good fortune regarding it ASAP. It’s essentially on the grounds that we could get brought around Com2us! Gracious, thus far the techniques we utilize did get fixed on numerous occassions as of now however we’ve generally discovered new ways and discharged regular security upgrades.

Summoners War Sky Arena Hack


Here’s a list of all the features currently included in our Summoners War Hack


  • Crystals
  • With Crystals you are able to buy EXP Boosters, Premium packs and Mana Stone, they are also used to recharge your energy or buy you an arena invitation. You also need them for the mystical summon, which requires you to have crystals.
  • Glory Points
  • Spend your glory points from the arena in the glory shop to receive bonuses that will help you reach the top. Benefits include unknown scrolls, mystical scrolls, angelmons, and buildings that provide buffs.
  • Mana Stones
  • Mana Stones help you to build new buildings or to expand your island. You are also able to use them for summons and power up your monster or even evolve them!
  • AntiBan
  • We implemented a Anti Ban system into our online hack, to prevent that your account is getting banned. As the resources stays in your account, there was a risk that Com2uS might find out about it, but we found a workaround. The current banrate is below 0.01%


Using our hack is safe for your account

Some might argue whether this is really true but when we were working on the Summoners War Hack, our #1 priority was to make sure that it will not cause any accounts to get banned. Everyone on our team was really skeptical about this since it’s not an easy thing to make a hack that is undetectable for the developers. Surprisingly we succeeded and we can now say that we’re 100% sure that there is absolutely no risk of getting banned for using this hack! We obviously can’t get into too much details on how our methods work since it would make it easy for Com2uS to fix this. What we can say is that their games were designed by humans, their servers are managed by human and as we all know humans make mistakes. We use that. Another thing I can tell you is that when you enter your account name in the software itself and press the ‘Apply’ button, packets of data are being sent to Com2uS’s servers but no one there will be able to actually see what data is being sent since it’s being encrypted using the most advanced algorithms that are currently available for public use. There is no data being sent to our servers so even we don’t know the names of accounts that have been using our hacks!

Enjoy & Stay safe!


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